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SoyGreenŽ Graffiti Remover
SoyGreenŽ Graffiti Remover for Painted and Unpainted Surfaces and SoyGreenŽ Graffiti Wipes are soy based, highly effective, low VOC*, non flammable products that replace many common high VOC, terpene or petrochemical based products. These bio-based graffiti removers are specially formulated to be environmentally sound, user friendly and contain natural, biodegradable ingredients that quickly and easily remove paint, ink, crayon, magic marker and adhesive residue from painted surfaces. The lack of odor and ease of use makes them ideal for schools, hospitals, public housing and public transportation.
SoyGreenŽ Graffiti Removers are ready to use and should not be diluted. Use caution when applying to synthetic surfaces that may be damaged by solvents, such as rubber, vinyl tile and some plastics. Test surfaces, sprayers and brushes for compatibility.

SoyGreenŽ Graffiti Wipes
Thread the towel through the cap as directed on the label and remove a single towel from the dispenser. Begin by using the more abrasive side of the towel and lightly scrub the graffiti with a circular motion to saturate and loosen the paint. Wait a few minutes and then remove the remaining paint with the smoother side. Wipe away any remaining residue with a clean cloth. Repeat with a fresh wipe as necessary. Properly dispose of all used wipes.
Application: Graffiti Removers for Painted Surfaces and Graffiti Wipes should be used on ceramic tiles, glass, marble, Formica, enamel and all painted metal surfaces. May also be used with caution for painted wood surfaces. For unpainted surfaces such as concrete, brick, stucco, granite, metals, etc., use Graffiti Remover for Unpainted Surfaces. To protect metal surfaces, use SoyStopTM Anti-Graffiti Barrier System.

SoyGreenŽ Stainless Steel Cleaner
SoyGreenŽ Stainless Steel Cleaners are a revolutionary new soy-based family of products that cleans, degreases, and polishes stainless steel and other hard surfaces. Available in solvent and water based formulations, these products are environmentally safe by any definition, yet are high performance cost effective industrial cleaners. SoyGreenŽ Stainless Steel Cleaner is low VOC*, safer than any product on the market today, non-flammable, biobased, biodegradable, contains no petrochemicals, and is recognized by the EPA as an environmentally responsible product.
Dilution: Ready to use or, for solvent products, dilute with up to 4 parts water. Use On: Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, carbon steel and all other surfaces not harmed by solvents.

SoyFast All Purpose Cleaner
SoyFast All Purpose Cleaner is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) concentrated all purpose cleaner formulated to be 'ready-to-use' or diluted with water. SoyFast is a clear , soy-based, non-toxic, biodegradable formula with incredible grease cutting power, yet contains no butyls, abrasives or strong alkalines. It is non-flammable with no strong fumes or vapors. SoyFast All Purpose Cleaner is ideal for industrial, automotive, marine, and commercial cleaning operations, including mixing stations. SoyFast is an ideal degreaser, and cleans carbon, oil, lipstick, dirt and grime from most washable surfaces.

SoyGreen 1000
SoyGreen 1000 is an economical, low VOC (volatile organic compound), bio-based environmentally sound solvent that can replace many common terpene or petrochemical based products including mineral spirits, D'Limonene, and naptha. SG1000 is non flammable and is ideal for degreasing and cleaning operations including automotive, aircraft, agricultural and marine parts cleaning and degreasing, engine, engine degreasing, adhesive removal, stainless steel cleaning and many other tasks requiring a safe, non volatile, cost effective solvent. SG1000 is a non evaporative solvent and will remain active up to 24 hours.

SoyGreen 5000
SoyGreen 5000 is a powerful, cost effective, low VOC (volatile organic compound), bio-based, environmentally sound solvent that replaces many common terpene or petrochemical based products including mineral spirits, D'Limonene, naptha, and mastic and adhesive removal, coating removals, heavy duty degreasing and carbon removal, silk-screen and printing ink removal and press cleanup, tar and asphalt cleaning and many other tasks requiring a safe, non volatile, environmentally friendly solvent. SoyGreen 5000 has over twice the solvency of SoyGreen 1000.

SoyGreen PolyStripper
SoyGreen PolyStripper is a cost effective, low VOC (volatile organic compound), environmentally sound solvent specifically formulated to strip polyurethanes and similar finishes. PolyStripper is a non flammable, biodegradable, safe replacement for strippers containing methylyne chloride. It's a soy based formula is enhanced with man made cosolvents and natural thickeners making it ideal for stripping both floors and vertical surfaces. SoyGreen PolyStripper leaves surfaces in a ready to refinish condition, unlike damaging methylene chloride strippers. PolyStripper can be sprayed on yet has sufficient viscosity to adhere to vertical surfaces therefore working times can be extended up to 12 hours for tough stripping applications.

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